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Crowley and the Siren
Thunder cracked across the sky as the roaring storm swept over the ship. Argon's Flight was a ship earlier used in battle, but later repurposed to be a prisoner- transport vehicle. The hull of the old ship cracked as the large waves collapsed onto the ship's sides. The crew of the ship was panicking - the storm had hit them quite suddenly, and they were completely unprepared. As Captain Kessler shouted orders, the crewmen scurried on the ship, attaching ropes here and there, pulling sails and fixing, or at least attempting to fix the most severe of hull breaches. The ship was fully manned, having roughly twenty crewmen, and the same amount of prisoners, including rapists, cutthroats, thieves, and murderers. In the deepest cells of the ship was a tall man called Crowley. His long, black mane was soaked wet from salty water, and his wrists were surrounded by strong shackles. He looked up with a stern look - a look which gave nothing away, except anger, and sadness. He looked forward, thr
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The Duskfall Chronicles Part 1 - The Village
The woman woke up to someone shaking her violently. "Ellie, wake up!" She opened her eyes, and saw Thruil trying to wake her up. She groaned, and said: "Stop that, you know I hate being called Ellie! My name is Lady Elwyn Telvana Carth of Mistwind Pike, and not some lowly tavern wench Ellie!". Elwyn had worked to reach the place she was in for years and she refused to be called that. It made her feel that the person was mocking her. Thruil, without even flinching, offered her his hand and pulled her up on her feet. She stumbled, but Thruil held her up with no difficulty. She turned to Thruil to thank him, but she was shocked when she glanced his face. His stern, chiseled jaw that was covered with a goatee looked normal, while his bright grey eyes were staring at the expression on Elwyn's face. His black, graying hair was streaking to his face, which was covered by soot and grime. There was something wrong. It was a long and an ugly scar, reaching from the lower left side of his jaw to
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The Duskfall Chronicles - Prologue (Edited)
The woman was running in a dark forest. She was quite tall and had a long blonde hair, and her eyes were blue like the sky during a winter morning. Her face had an unexpectable harshness in them, but generally the men considered her to be quite beautiful. She was wearing white robes which were stained, and which had the emblem of the inquisiton on its back; A golden sword behind a shield, and a gold-red sun behind the sigil. The night was cold and rainy, and bolts of thunder painted the world with flashes of white light. The sky to the east was coloured red, and thick smoke rose from that direction. The woman heard a beastly roar from the village near her so she turned left, and ran through the patch of trees that were separating her from the village. The branches of the trees scratched her arms and she almost tripped on the old roots of the trees. The loud roars grew louder and louder, and after a few moments she reached the village. The sight was horrible; the village was ablaze. Mos
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The Fallen Star, Chapter One - The Spire
For a moment old Hagall ceased telling his story, and gazed to the ground. He cleared his throat once again, and continued telling the story with such seriousness and detail that you would think he actually was in the story.
"The girl. As I mentioned earlier, she had lost her home to the Shadowhunters. She never got over it, never..." Once again Hagall stopped telling the story, and it looked like he was remembering something. But that was silly, wasn't it? It was a story after all, the boy next to him thought.
Suddenly Hagall snapped out of his thoughts and spoke: "Ahh, yes, the girl. She had lived her entire life in the Wastes, in a small village whose name has long been forgotten. She was a Norr; both her appearance and personality gave that out quite well. She was tall, taller than most of the girls of her age, and she had a brown, long hair. She had big, blue eyes, blue, like the water in the oceans. But, those eyes were sad, sad because of her loss. Yes, her entire village was wi
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The Fallen Star - Prologue
An old man walked closer to a young boy. The boy appeared to be quite young, he was roughly fourteen or fifteen winters old. The boy had a serious look on his face, and his eyes were bright blue, blue like ice, or like the winter sky at dusk. His hair was bright blonde, and it fell down on to his shoulders as large locks. The man, in turn, had grey, short hair, and a short, stubbly beard. The man had yellow eyes, but the boy did not mind it, because he had grown used to his eyes. It was clear that the man had been at least a warrior, he had a strong upper body. It was a cold, winter night, and the stars shone brightly in the night sky. The man sat down next to the boy, and warmed his hands on the fire they had made earlier. He proceeded to take a sip from the cup of tea he had nearby, and after clearing his throat he started to speak: "Do you know why there are stars, boy?"
The boy, still having a serious expression, spoke in an uncertain tone: "Because... erm.., they are here to light
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Hey! I'm Fin. I'm from Finland. I'm also very original.

I'm a 22-year- old guy from Eastern Finland. I'm an amateur digital artist and recently, I got brave enough to start posting here as well.

I also write, and I may post those things here as well. Maybe. Probably not.


Monster Boy
he's awkward and he looks shocked 

maybe he's clumsy and he broke something and now is like "aw dang i'm gonna get into so much trouble"


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